Welcome everyone in new year !
It's good time to be active more then ever .
So let's check what we have hear 

1. White sweatshirt with size L. 
I gave it back to my sister because it didn't look very good on me..


2. Make up brush with marmur facial 

I'm absolutely obsest with this brush.. Perfect effect.

3. Brush with marmaid tall

It's lovely, I can't wait to use this cute.. It look so lovely.

And the last one is 

The first thing what I see is dark gray color on this t-shirt but I like it 

Let me know what you think about it. Hope you like it.  Love you guys  



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Feel excited? Too many clothes to choose from? Now listen to my ten fashion tops suggestion, making your right decisions!

1. Woman tops
When the dry leaves fall on the ground, we know that Autumn is coming. Autumn means cool weather, and you know what, it also means you should reorganize your cloth set!
The Cat Ear Hoodie is my favorite, it's designed in loose style with a really cute cat’s face, and what’s more, special cat ear on the back make this hoodie more adorable.



Cat Ear Hoodie
Available online

New user price: 12.55

New user price: 15.44

There must be some basic pullover hoodie on everyone’s cloth set, this one just design with the basic style, however, three different color makes it more energetic. 

Pullover Drop Shoulder Hoodie
Available online
New user price:16

And this pullover off the shoulder chunky sweater, design as warm and sexy, girls you really should get one.

Available online
New user price:17.44

2..Man top
Is fashion all about the girl? No! Guys, you should know everyone is equal even in the fashion world. So I recommend you this man Slim Fit Spliced Pullover Sweater. Get one for your boyfriend's girls, take your BF into considering when you are shopping. For a single boy, I am sorry you have to buy it for yourself. 



Available online
Price: 32
New user price: 22.4

If you don’t like the sweater, how about this block hoodie?

Available online
Price: 19.73
New user price: 13.81

Christmas decoration
Christmas is coming, and here I recommend some Christmas theme clothes for all of you!
Your dress is also part of Christmas decoration!

Christmas Tree Cat Print Drawstring Hoodie
Price: 23.02
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Striped Belt Print Christmas Leggings
Price: 15.65
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Christmas Print T-shirt
Price: 24.94
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As time goes by, the Black Friday and New year will come! Maybe you have some New Year desires. You may want to be different from yourself. Such as buying a dress, reading a book, changing a pair of shoes or wearing a new bag. These little details can make you have some changes. How to greet a new yourself?

As time goes by, the Black Friday and New year will come! Maybe you have some New Year desires. You may want to be different from yourself. Such as buying a dress, reading a book, changing a pair of shoes or wearing a new bag. These little details can make you have some changes. How to greet a new yourself? 
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Hey kochani :)
Dziś mam dla was coś spejalnego , moje pierwsze zamówienie z ZAFUL .
Pamiętam moment , w którym paczka znalazła sie u mnie w domu byłam bardzo podescytowana tym co znajde w środku .
pierwsze co udało mi zauważyć to przezroczysta torba , w sumie bardziej worek opatrzony logo  ZAFUL  . W worku były 4 przedmioty : 3 pary okularów i czarny crop top z różą .

Totalnie mnie urzekły. są mega wygodne i nie drażnią uszu co  dla mnie jest mega ważne .wyglądają cudownie .

niestety oprócz plusów są także minusy tego zamówienia , mianowicie chodzi tu o okulary kujonki  czarne mi są trosze przy uszach za luźne i pewnie komuś je oddam .

Hey everyone.
Today i have someday special my First order from Zaful.
I'm So exited about their products.
I remember the momement when the package was at my Home  I was very much subhidden with what i found inside. The first thing I manager to notice a transport bag  in Total more Bag bearing the ZAFUL logo.
There where 4 items in the Bag : tree pairs of Glasses and a crop top with a Rose.
They totally charmed me . First fail is that's not a sweter how write on a site   maybe it' better  
They are mega comfortable and do not irritate the ears  which is very important for me. They look wonderful and super cool . 

unfortunately, in  to the pluses are also the cons of this order, namely, the glasses are black and the lenses are a little loose for my ears and I will probably give them to someoneone.

So let's check what we have hear.

1. Short sweatshirt with roses 

2. Cat eye metal splicing leg rund  Sun Glasses 

3. Butterfly Design plane Sun Glasses. 

4. Butterfly Sun Glasses 


Brit Awards 2018 RED CARPET

Brit Awards 2018 RED CARPET

Dziś postanowiłam pokazać wam stylizacje które według mnie wypadły na prawdę dobrze na czerwonym dywanie ns Brit Awards 2018. 

Każda z nich ma coś w sobie, wiem też nie każdemu się mogą podobać. Prawda jest taka że ile ludzi na świecie tyle gustów. 
Moimi faworytkami jeśli chodzi o kreacje tego wieczoru są Ann Marie, Dua lipa w srebrnej sukience, a także Jade Tritwal z Little mix. 


Valentine's Day activities . About the zaful wishlist

Valentine's Day activities . About the zaful wishlist

Hello, beloved.

A company called Zaful some time ago.

So today I come to you with a wish list, from this company.


Due to the fact that Valentine's Day is coming soon, I decided to show you stylizations, which in my opinion fit perfectly for this occasion.

Zaful valentine's Day in 2018 

Z racji tego, że niedługo są walentynki postanowiłam że pokaże wam stylizacje, która moim zdaniem pasuje idealnie na tą okazję.
Valentine's Day Deal 

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to go to romantic places with a loved one, in my opinion the ideal place is warm countries, islands, that's why I thought about the stylization of actually the more holiday season.azję.


Biała sukienka w kwiaciste wzory z paskami na plecach i mocno wyciętym dekoltem, świetna nie tylko na plażę, ale dobrze sprawdzi się na codzień.

White dress with flowery patterns with stripes on the back and well cut neckline, perfect not only on the beach, but also works well on a daily basis.


White sandals, despite the golden elements, give the delicacy even when they have a fairly high heel.

Bracelet is the perfect choice for those who do not like exaggeration and heavy stylizations, adds charm to any stylization and in an interesting way makes each of them more attractive.



Hey, honey Some time has passed since the last post. This post, as you can see after the title, will be dedicated to Rosegal. https://rosegal.com/promotion-clearance-sale-special-508.html?lkid=12614717
This time it will be things to mouth, and I decided to try for a bracelet with a very nice motive and a choler with artificial blood, which in fact looks really impressive.



I hope you like it, let me know what you thing about it. Kisses from you 
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